Lemon Kombucha Sales Increased by 1800% TEAZEN Thanks BTS’ Jungkook & ARMY For Supporting Small Businesses During Covid-19 Pandemic

It all started on February 27th 2021, when Jungkook chatted with fans on V Live, and cassually said that “It’s good to have Kombucha lemon powder. I’m eating two packets a day.” Within a few days it was reported that Kombucha Lemon flavour had sold a month’s supply of the product within 3 days. The company TEAZEN posted on their Instagram that they had sold out all the Kombucha and will be working hard to produce more.

In the latest development, TEAZEN’s Kombucha sales have gone up by 1800% in China.” This sales surge in China was made just during the first 16 days of March, as compared to the whole of February. Orders from China and Japan saw huge increases.

The Lemon flavoured Kombucha is still sold out!

TEAZEN is now expanding its list of countries to which they export, adding Australia, Hong Kong, Singapore and Mongolia after numerous interest from outside Korea have been cited.

Company officials have stated that there are big export inquiries and sales export are expected until April 20th especially from China and Japan.

After Jungkook mentioned the product during the VLive at the end of February, TEAZEN’s overseas sales soared 100% in February compared to the previous month and in March, again rose by 800% compared to February.

“Thanks to ARMY, we have achieved an increase in the export of Korean Kombucha (a tea product) to China and Japan, countries that are famous for tea. Thank you so much for helping small & medium sized business in the COVID-19 situation.” TEAZEN

Teazen plans to actively promote overseas exports of its brands this year. In addition to ‘Kombucha Lemon’, which is currently the main export product, demand for ‘Kombucha Berry’ and ‘Kombucha Citron’ is also expected to increase. Source

Citron and Berry Kombucha

BTS Jungkook had also thanked ARMY for helping him support small businesses because of the Covid situation.

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