BTS’ Jungkook Explains Why He Wasn’t Able To Get His Favorite Lemon Flavored Kombucha & Why He’s Still Grateful To ARMY For That

Sales of “Teazen” Kombucha rose rose 500% in the first week of March compared to the previous week which was the result of Jungkook drinking his lemon flavored Kombucha on his VLIVE on 27th February. BTS’ Jungkook fondly nicknamed “Sold Out King” summarizes his golden effect that he has on products that he either uses or talks about. His famous “Downey” incident is well known where he could not get his hands on his favorite Downey conditioner because ARMY bought all the products. He even tweeted that he couldn’t get a single Downey in the shelves.

Last year, Jungkook even reportedly increased milk sales after he was seen drinking milk in BTS’ “Dynamite” music video when it was released. He got shootouts from companies like Got Milk and Les Products Laitiers.

On March 7, Jungkook had another livestream where he talked about the Kombucha incident and said that he himself has had trouble buying more lemon Kombucha. He talked about how he understands his power as a celebrity and the fact that he wants to use that to support small businesses.

“Oh Yeah,” he started,

“The Kombucha. Everyone! The lemon flavor. I wasn’t able to get it. Aren’t you way too fast? I was only able to get 2 packs. You bought all of them and they were sold out. I wasn’t able to get the lemon flavor”

His face was so cute when he pouted that he couldn’t get the lemon flavor but then,

He smiled said,

“The lemon flavour is really good”

“It’s good, isn’t it?”

“I told you its good”

“When I uploaded the selfie on Twitter . I looked at the clothes I usually wear and the Kombucha… I looked back on those things and I thought that because you’re always so interested in what I do and buy the things that I use, its…” He started

“Because of COVID 19, small  businesses are having a tough time. And I thought that these actions could be helpful to them. So I wanted to thank you for everything. Thank you so much ARMY, you’re the best.” He continued

“So I thought, how should I put this? I thought that I have this power, Thanks to your attention. So I though I could be of a small help for the small businesses around us. And I was so grateful for our fans for making that happen.”

“ I should share some of the products that I use and want to recommend. In conclusion, ARMY is the best! ARMY is the best. ARMY is awesome!” he pointed out

After hearing that Jungkook could not buy his lemon Kombucha the Staff from the “Teazen” company shared on their Instagram stories that they would to restock as fast as possible and are working hard packing the Kombucha tea so that customers could get it as fast as possible.

Teazen’s Instagram stories update

We love to see a celebrity who cares for the well being of others and uses his influence for the good of humanity!

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