Over 70 Artistic & Creative Fan Art Designs BTS ARMYs Made For Suga’s Birthday


BTS ARMY is the widest fandom in terms of size, demographics, country, region, race, religion, color, education, class, status, etc., it is simply all inclusive. And there are very many creatives who have been inspired by BTS, creatively, mentally, psychologicaly or even socially. It is true especially artistically, ARMY has shown that when it comes to being creative, they are top tier. It is during birthday celebrations, anniversaries, events or when a member or all of BTS is trending that you will find the most creative outcomes of such situations. ARMY is artistic when it comes to creating memes that are either of the members or of situations surrounding the members. They have drawn, painted, molded, built creative pieces that represent BTS members.

Today, 9th March being BTS Suga’s birthday, there are those who decided to get creative and use their hands to create beautiful, unique art pieces of Suga in celebration of his birthday. Fan arts of BTS are ridiculously good that some are the perfect representation of the members to the last mole or freckle. Suga’s fan art designs have been one of the best I have seen so far and without a doubt, if Suga was able to see all of them, he would be proud and happy that ARMY thinks of him is such a beautiful way.

Here are some of the fan arts that we loved, which was your favorite, any more that you can add? Let us know or DM so we can add these beautiful art works for Suga’s birthday.

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