How BTS Members Wished SUGA a Happy 2021 BIRTHDAY

“BTS’ SUGA turned 28 at the stroke of midnight KST on March 9, and as always the other Grammy nominated members were quick to wish him a great birthday. Jin was the first member to send him message on their official BTS Twitter account. RM was next to post, then j-hope posted 3 different birthday posts for SUGA. Then Jimin, V and Jungkook posted their messages for their Hyung.

SUGA’s birthday has also resulted in the hashtag #HappyBirthdayYoongi to trend in the top three on Twitter as ARMYs shared their well wishes with the birthday boy. BTS will be performing at the GRAMMY Mission on 12th March and will also perform during the 63rd GRAMMY Awards on 14th March.

Here are BTS’ birthday wishes for Suga


Yoongi-ya, I’m the first one who did your bday wish. Happy birthday

on the pic) Yoongi Happy bday


yeah our Yoongi Happy birthday to you~~



Our Talented Hyung Happy Bday 🍰

(The point is that he stepped it incisively and walked out in a cool way)




Our cutie hyung HBD



Our hyung who is classy (stylish) in his own way, happy bday



If I have a dream Suga




video) If I have a dream..


Our hyung looks cool even when he is sleeping.

#JIMIN #SugaBdayCongrats





Min Yoon Gi

Yoon Yoon Yoon

Gi Yoon Min (his name spelled backwards)

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