BTS’ Suga Shares His 2021 Birthday Celebration With ARMY Through a Live Stream on VLive

BTS’ Suga went on VLive to share his birthday celebration with ARMY as is the norm whenever BTS members have birthdays. He said that the day was not that special as he said,

“It’s a day like every other… like the other 364 days… I never put much importance on my birthday, but after my debut, it became a more special day. My birthday was never the most important thing, even back in my school days, but our fans started putting more importance and congratulating me on my birthday since I made my debut. thank you. Really, ARMYs from all over the world, in so many different languages… you all are wishing me a happy birthday from all around the world. thank you so much. thank you so much, everyone.” Suga

He was asked what he did for his birthday last year and he said that he must have had a meal and there probably was something on his schedule on his birthday and that it had always been like that always, being busy on his birthday. The most burning question that was on ARMYs minds after it was announced that they would be performing at the Grammys was asked. He said

“Grammys… we were really surprised, too… and we’re looking forward to it! I’ve watched the Grammys every year, so… I’ll be sure to take an especially closer look this year. The Grammys? …it is really a shame that we can’t attend in person. We may not be so sure about the award yet, but… for the performance… if [things were different] we’d perform and physically be there. Of course we would love to receive the award, since we were nominated! but things aren’t up to us… they’re up to members of the academy, and dependent on however they might’ve voted.” He added when asked if he had any other wish apart from the Grammy “my only wish is for this situation to find its end a day earlier if possible, so we can see you all again.” Suga

Suga was asked if he saw his birthday tweets, to which he said,

“The tweets the members posted? I did see them… the video Hobi posted, etc… it was actually pretty funny to see that… to watch me jump around all excited and coolly walk away.”

His long hair did not miss the attention of the hawk eyed fans and he responded,

“Am I growing my hair longer? yes… for the first time in my life, I’m trying to grow it out a little… I’d always shave off my sideburns because I didn’t like how they looked — they would poke out to the sides (even when i was wearing hats) … but I’m letting them grow out!” Suga

Suga also updated on his shoulder as a fan asked how he was doing after the surgery, Suga responded and said,

“How is my shoulder? it’s a lot better, not completely recovered yet, though. Have I tried playing the guitar again? it was a little harder before, but my left arm is moving more easily now… not 100% yet, but better than before. I’m still working on physical therapy for my shoulder… they say it takes a little longer to recover from shoulder surgeries… I’m going nearly every day, but I’m almost recovered now! I can raise my left arm like this! it’s a lot better now. it still feels a little strange.” Suga

He raised his hand to show that it was better than before

Jungkook made a cameo of Suga’s live

Jungkook sneaked into Suga’s live and they sang happy birthday together and he left Suga to continue with the Live

Suga was even asked if he would ever want to perform at the Super bowl half time show, to which he said that of course he does, if they are invited first.

Asked about concerts and performances, Suga empathized with those idols who debuted last year because of Covid19, they were unable to perform in front of live audiences. He also added that it has been difficult for the whole industry in terms of performances but it might be possible for artists to have smaller performances, like musicals and such, even though larger concert halls are practically impossible now. He added that everything feels like a dream when he looks back at older videos.

Quick fire questions from fans that he answered

ARMY: “strawberries or tangerines?”

SUGA: “tangerines.”

ARMY: “are you from the yeoheung min clan?”

SUGA: “yes, I believe there’s only one clan of min’s…”

ARMY: “what are the fundamentals of music production?”

SUGA: “it’s… starting. I think it’s important to enjoy it — I do think it’s a skill/talent to enjoy studying; you should be able to find fun in studying to be able to sit down and work for 10+ hours consecutively”

ARMY: “a TMI today?”

SUGA: “a TMI about today? the warm oak bed frame [from the ARMY room)! I think I’ve had it since we were in our last, last dorm. I had no idea we were supposed to do that, since there’s a mattress cover etc. etc. but I definitely, definitely recommend you all clean it regularly.”

ARMY: “does this year feel different from last year’s birthday?”

SUGA: “well… I guess you could say I’m certainly not as excited anymore (because the big 30 is near)”

ARMY: “do you like tangerines?”

SUGA: “yes, I do. but I’m on a diet right now, so I can’t really bring myself to have any.”



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