Indonesian ARMYs Celebrate BTS Suga’s Upcoming Birthday By Conserving 100+ Coral Reefs

Its almost D-Day until Suga’s Birthday and the BTS rapper is getting love from around the globe. Indonesian ARMY celebrate Suga’s upcoming birthday by conserving the environment. In their project titled “100+ Coral Reefs For Suga’s Birthday,” the fans together with a conservation team transplanted coral reefs into the ocean with Suga’s name tags attached to the coral reefs. The project was a step to care for the marine ecosystem, coral transplantation in Morella Village, Leihitu District, Central Maluku Regency, Maluku Province, to commemorate Min Yoongi’s birthday by donating 100+ corals to the ocean, on behalf of SUGA.


The name tags had both his stage name “SUGA” and his real name “Min Yoon-gi”. The project was done by the conservation team that also involved young adults from maritime schools to provide education and information about corals. In addition to coral reef transplantation, donations were also given in the form of stationery to local marine schools.

The process of transplanting coral reefs to the sea, as well as installing part of the Suga name tagline between the coral reefs that will be submerged.

The team also measured the height of the coral reefs for monitoring purposes to monitor coral reef growth later. This process is usually carried out before submerging the reef to the seabed. Apart from celebrating Suga’s birthday, the tagline will also be used for monitoring coral growth and cleaning for a certain period of time so that the coral is not damaged or dead, and will be removed when it is completed.

The conservation team was also accompanied by students from maritime schools to participate as well as provide education about corals.

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