BTS’ Jungkook Reveals Why He’s Thinking About Straying From His Classic All Black Style to a Variety Of Other Outfits

“BTS’ Jung Kook had a VLive on 7th March and talked about a variety of topics. He sang a few songs, gave advise, cheered those who had a birthday and even congratulated someone who had been elected as president joking that he had never been class president. Jungkook is known for his all-black style and fashion especially for casual looks or his airport fashion.

Jungkook on VLive

Jungkook talked about how he was grateful that ARMY is helping small business due to his influence and that got him thinking about his personal style.

“When I uploaded the selfie on Twitter . I looked at the clothes I usually wear… I looked back on those things and I thought that because you’re always so interested in what I do and buy the things that I use, its…”

“Because of COVID 19, small  businesses are having a tough time. And I thought that these actions could be helpful to them. So I wanted to thank you for everything. Thank you so much ARMY, you’re the best.” He continued

“Since I’m a public figure and all… as a celebrity, as a singer I just thought that I’d dress up a little.” he revealed

“Until now I usually bought black clothes online”

“Comfortable clothes”

“Black clothes”

“That’s all I got”

“But I thought that I should dress up a bit more and I’m thinking about getting a more variety of clothes. I posted a selfie because I liked what I was wearing that day, and afterwards many of our fans bought it.” He went on

“So I thought, how should I put this? I thought that I have this power, Thanks to your attention. So I thought I could be of a small help for the small businesses around us. And I was so grateful for our fans for making that happen.”

“And in the future… how do I put this? I’m going to buy the clothes that I like with my own money and I hope that could help some more people.. if its nice, you can wear it right? I hope I could be of some help.” He said

Jungkook finished with saying that he is thinking about sharing other products he uses and not just clothes, and recommending them. Youtuber Jungkook in the making, can you imagine if he has a YouTube channel? 22 million views in a matter of minutes and people trust whatever he talks about to be of high quality and very beneficial. And he “sold out” everything his golden hands touch.

“I don’t usually shop a lot for my clothes. But I buy a lot of other things. I should share some of the products that I use and want to recommend. In conclusion, ARMY is the best! ARMY is the best. ARMY is awesome!”

We do love a stylish celebrity!

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