BTS’ RM Celebrates Monie’s 8th Birthday as Best Wishes & Love Pour in from ARMY Worldwide

Today 6th March BTS’ RM took to Twitter to celebrate Monie’s (his dog) 8th birthday. He posted on Twitter pictures of Monie with the words, “It’s his birthday.” Monie was all dolled up for his birthday with a birthday candle boot. He had his birthday treats set on the table for him. Following the post ARMYs wished the little furry ball of cuteness a happy birthday with best wishes, while some posted pictures of their dogs wishing Monie a happy birthday. As a result of all the love that Monie was receiving he ended up trending on Twitter worldwide and he even got the number one spot. Happy Birthday Monie!

Happy Birthday Monie!

BTS RM and Monie’s cute moments

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