BTS’ Jungkook Sells Out a Month’s Supply of Kombucha After His Record Breaking VLive

Sold out King Jungkook strikes again!

BTS’ Jungkook was drinking ‘KOMBUCHA’ during his VLIVE which ended up breaking several VLive records. On February 27, in his personal surprise broadcast called ‘JK’, Jungkook showed viewers a plastic bottle filled with yellow liquid and said, “It’s good to order Kombucha lemon powder, so I’m eating about 2 packets a day.

BTS’ Jungkook then caused the lemon flavoured kombucha to run out of stock in Korea when he mentioned the product as he chatted with viewers and eating a duck salad that he had shaped into cute a heart shape.

“We’ll restock the supplies even if we have to work all night” read part of the TEAZEN IG post

The company posted on lnstagram, “In his one word we have sold a month’s worth of supplies in just three days…thank you.” Even adding a purple heart

Teazen also thanked JUNGKOOK in their Instagram page stories for selling out a month’s supply of Kombucha in just 3 months, tagging the post #soldoutking

Teazen’s IG Story

Recently it was reported by various medias that Korean tea brand TEAZEN revealed that their kombucha sales had risen by 500% in the first week of March. This happened almost immediately after Jungkook was seen drinking kombucha in his recently famous blue-haired VLIVE.

Kombucha is a product obtained by adding monosaccharides such as organic sugar cane to brewed teas such as black tea, herbal tea, and green tea. During the fermentation process, sugar and caffeine are largely eliminated and various substances that are beneficial to health are produced.

TEAZEN explained that it is attracting attention as a health drink because it can consume healthy beneficial bacteria along with its refreshing carbonic acid charm.

Madonna, Jake Gyllenhal, Lady Gaga, Kourtney Kardashoan and Lindsay Lohan, american cekevrities are known to love Kombucha. Source

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