Cold Play’s “Fix You” Single Enters South Korea’s Spotify Charts, Becomes Best Selling Song in Digital Platforms

BTS did an incredible rendition of British Rock band’s song “Fix You” during their “MTV Unplugged” which received immense ‘standing ovation’ applauses from worldwide fans of both bands, Cold Play and BTS. BTS’ cover of Fix You was so spectacular that there are no good or better words to express the performance. The harmonization of rap line’s lower voices with vocal lines higher ranges was impeccable! The overall mood created was so intimate and the lights flashing were extremely stunning!

Cold Play released the song back in 2005 and it has received refreshed interest after that performance. After BTS’s cover of the song, “Fix You” is now Cold Play’s best selling song in the digital platforms currently (surpassing “A Sky Full of Stars”).

Cold Play’s “Fix You”

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