Contemporary meets Urban Hip-Hop Dance, World’s Best Dance Duo, BTS’ Jimin & J-Hope

BTS’ Jimin studied contemporary dance and exceled at his schools as the best contemporary dancer. J-Hope danced in his home town since he was young, won awards and exceled as the best street dancer. Then they met, in BTS, and their dance story began.

Watch their dance moves below!

BTS After School Club Ep 46: Jimin & J-Hope Dance

When J-Hope partners with Jimin, they complement each other to a fault. Here we see Jimin start off with his dance style of popping then J-Hope comes in and they synchronize and seem to be moving as one body. The chemistry is undeniable, the partnership cannot be denied and the joy they find in each other while dancing is just beautiful

j-hope & Jimin Dancing in Highlight Reel (Focus ver.)

J-Hopes style is sharp, curt, almost electric, dance done with purpose and an end in sight. He moves his body like different joints have lives of their own, coming together when he wills them to. J-Hope’s body movements are almost architectural and geometric like, not that he is not as smooth as he can be

Jimin on the other hand has softer movements, that flow towards the end goal, hi dances with fluidity and you can see his lines smoothly flow down his body. Jimi’s dance if free flowing and glides down every beat which seems to be simplified but the amount of body control you need to be that fluid is commendable.

Side by side

J-Hope’s dance and Jimin MAMA 2014

Both Jimin and J-hope bring out the hip hop battle type of dance as they show off their skills. Jimin of course incorporates his high kick from his martial arts background, while J-Hope easily falls to the ground backwards and gets up so casually showing how flexible he really is

Knowing bros Episode 94 J-Hope and Jimin

J-Hope and Jimin replicate a classic style from an older idol group that everyone is impressed at how uncannily similar they recreate the style. As dancers both J-Hope and Jimin know a lot of dance styles from the past and even the present

We are Bullet proof pt. 2

This is exactly what you call trust in your dance partner. This dance break from the song “We are Bulletproof pt. 2” is an iconic move that is always boggling the first, second and even third time you watch it. The move showcases both J-Hope and Jimin’s flexibility, J-Hope falling backwards to the ground while Jimin jumps over him within inches of J-Hope’s face. The trust. The precision. The professionalism.

BTS Begins tour J-Hope vs Jimin

Jimin knows how to dance with sultry moves that keeps you glued to his every breath as he dances. In this performance, Jimin’s smooth, addictive and very orgasmic inducing dance style was the complete opposite of J-Hope’s hard core, go all hard dance and fast style.

BTS dance- Jimin and J-Hope Yaman tv

Even when they are goofing, they still break some moves!

[BANGTAN BOMB] Whatcha Doin’ Today? Jimin and J-Hope

These two will break out into dance at any given chance, which in incredible because they know all the dance moves that there are. Which just shows how comfortable and confident they are in their dance.

BTS at MAMA 2016 – Intro: Boy Meets Evil by j-hope, JIMIN

This is one of those iconic performances that stole the year and still steal every moment that you watch it. They show off their individual styles but then dance the same style with perfection. The chemistry and understanding of each other on stage is what makes this dynamic duo unstoppable.

Contemporary or Urban Hip Hop, Jimin and J-Hope is that dance duo that can have fun and when it comes to getting down to it, give the ultimate performance that will leave you speechless. You can see slight instances where they mirror each others moves, sometimes they are dancing in polar opposites and when they come together it is a symphony of body movement, feels and perfect magic.


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