BTS VAULT: BTS’ “War Of Hormone” Photo Concept from Their Dark & Wild 2014 Album

I will be starting a new series called “BTS VAULT” where we will be going down memory lane of BTS’ journey. This is just a fun way to remember the memories from times past and see how far the boys have come. In October 2014, BTS released new concept photos as follow-up promotions for their hot track “War of Hormone” off of their first full length album, Dark & Wild after finishing their debut solo concert “THE RED BULLET” which was their first Asian tour that took them to 6 different cities across Asia.

They released the concept photos which reflected the playful track, which was a shift from the dark and tough image from their title track “Danger.” The concept photos still kept with the “bad boy” concept with a touch of freedom of youth. Though they were in regular places like a grocery store, a laundromat and even a bathroom, BTS showed off their rebellious sides with the vintage grunge looking and colorful sets and wild new hair colors and styles. They each had solo shots with various poses, group shots with two members (RM and V, Suga and Jin) or three members (J-Hope, Jungkook and Jimin) and other group photos with all the members.

“BTS sings about love gone awry in DARK & WILD. They warn the girl who acts like she doesn’t love them not to test their love anymore.” Big Hit

BTS’ “Dark & Wild Album”

The concept photos

Watch the fun MV below

Watch the “War of Hormone” dance practice

Watch the “War of Hormone” Halloween version dance practice

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