Find Out Which BTS Member is The Biggest Fan of Anime & His Favorites

BTS Suga dressed as “Naruto” and Jungkook dressed as “Detective Conan” from the anime Case Closed

BTS are fans of anime and have on several occasions referenced or talked about their favorite anime series/ movies. Their all time favorite includes Shingeki no Kyojin (Attack on Titan.) They like it a lot as they have had their merch in the dorm including a Titan head. Also their very own song “Attack on Bangtan” is very telling itself. Love Live! is another common favorite. A big example of it is them saying “Nico Nico Ni” on quite a lot of various occasions. Apart from watching the anime, both Suga and Jungkook have worn an anime character for their Halloween costumes. Find out which BTS members are the most fans of anime characters.

Here’s a list of BTS members’ favorite animes

Attack on Titan & Love Live! anime


BTS Jin’s favourite anime. Parasyte | Sei no Kakuritsu, One Piece, Dragon Ball, Bleach, Wolf Children, Digimon Adventure.

Jin had said he especially loves Parasyte and even read the mangas as well. He likes Ghibli movies and he has also mentioned in the past that he and Taehyung became closer when they were trainees because they both liked anime movies.

BTS Suga

BTS Suga’s favourite anime. Slam Dunk, Nodame Cantabile, Piano no Mori | The perfect world of KaI.

Yoongi mentioned these ones specifically. He probably also likes Naruto. He had dressed up as Naruto for Halloween in 2015.

BTS J-Hope

BTS J-Hope’s favourite anime. Atashin’chi, Crayon Shin-chan.

Sadly Hoseok hasn’t mentioned much about animes or at least I didn’t find much except these two.


BTS RM’s favourite anime. Sailor Moon, Naruto, One piece, Mermaid Melody (Pichi Pichi Pitch)

During Namjoon’s verse in Cypher Part 2, there’s a reference of One Piece. “This is One Piece, I’m a Whitebeard.” Although from this list I do doubt him about really watching Mermaid Melody, I sense him joking when he mentioned lol but anyway.. Also, how can we forget about how he dressed up as Sailor Moon back in those days in Rookie King!

BTS Jimin

Jimin’s favourite anime. One Piece, Dragon Ball, Naruto.

Jimin was asked what his dream was when he was a kid. He said he enjoyed watching One Piece and his favorite character was Zoro. So, he started to dream to be a cool swordsman like Zoro and began to learn Kendo. He revealed that he had learned Kendo for almost 8 years since he was just 9 years old. Yoongi got Jimin every volume of One Piece for his birthday. Most likely the manga though.  (This info is from a Korean fan) Jimin also got a Zoro action figurine as a birthday present from Namjoon back in 2016.


BTS V’s favourite anime. Haikyuu!!, Nodame Cantabile, One Piece, Summer Wars, Cardcaptor Sakura, Full Moon Wo Sagashite, Anohana | The flower we saw that day, Howl’s Moving Castle, Piano no Mori | The perfect life of Kai, The girl who leapt through time, Wolf Children, Digimon Adventure, Phantom Thief Jeanne | Kamikaze Kaitou Jeanne, Boku no Hero Academia | My Hero Academia

It is well established by now that Taehyung’s love for animes/mangas knows no bound. He’s the most devoted one out of the lot. He had said he especially loves Mamoru Hosoda’s works. His favourite character from One Piece is probably Brook and we have caught him mimicking Brook just about a gazillions of times, lmao. Taehyung resembled the look of Detective Conan from the anime Case Closed in Dope MV.

Taehyung dressed up as Syaoran Li from Cardcaptor Sakura for Halloween 2016. Here’s Taehyung singing the opening song(Korean Ver) of Cardcaptor Sakura. Also of course, how can we forget about how we deadass caught him watching My Hero Academia at the backstage of MAMA 2017. He also mentioned it in a Japanese interview.

BTS Jungkook

BTS Jungkook’s favourite anime. Haikyuu!!, Anohana | The flower we saw that day, Parasyte | Sei no Kakuritsu, 5 Centimeters Per Second, Free!, Death Note, Spirited Away, One Piece, Kimi no Na wa | Your Name, Slam Dunk, Shugo Chara! | My guardian characters, The girl who leapt through time, A Silent Voice | Eiga Koe no Katachi.

Jungkook along with Taehyung is another easily detectable Otaku. They both absolutely love Haikyuu!! Jungkook said he likes watching animes related to sports.

When Jungkook was asked which anime character he wanted to be, he chose Sanji from One Piece. So needless to say, that’s most likely his favourite character. Also, he had mentioned that when he was a kid, he wanted to be a guy like Haku from Spirited Away, because the dragon fascinated him.

Jungkook likes Death Note, as he mentioned wanting to dress up as L from Death Note in a Halloween video before. Jungkook dressed up as Detective Conan from the anime Case Closed for Halloween 2015. Jungkook did the famous Naruto run. Jungkook also mentioned how he watched the animated movie Kimi no Na wa in the New Yang Nam show last year.

He said he loved the whole concept of sensing your other half through a bell. Jungkook singing Nandemonaiya from Kimi no Na wa. Jungkook did the sign language from the animated movie A Silent Voice at their Saitama Wings Tour concert. The gesture means “I want to talk more with you/will you be my friend?”


BTS talking about anime

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