BTS Jungkook’s Hair Back On Worldwide Trends, Here’s Why

BTS have already started 2021 with a splash! They are having several projects ongoing and still planning. They became ambassadors for SMART company for their youth campaign, they have backed their vocals for a Cocacola ad and now they are launching their 2021 WINTER PACKAGE. It has been barely a month when Jungkook caused a beautiful stir in the world when he launched his blonde hair, the excitement is barely dying down…

And now fans cannot get enough of his new hairstyles that were revealed in BTS’ 2021 Winter Package promotion clip. The short video features short clips of all the members in various outfits and locations/sets. Immediately as usual, fans noted Jungkook’s long hair in one of the clips. ARMY have always loved Jungkook’s long hair especially if it has curls or bangs. They were excited about how long and beautiful it looked, bringing back memories of 2019 curly long haired Jungkook.

In another one of their shots, Jungkook appeared with blue highlights on his long curly hair. And fans even loves it more. This reminded fans of when Jungkook had gold highlights on his wavy hair. He simply looks stunning.

“JUNGKOOK’S HAIR” ended up trending on Twitter as fans reacted to his cute new hairstyles.

Fans are ready to break bank to have that WINTER package, and Honestly, we can relate.

Jungkook’s hair color even brought out some JiKook moments as Jimin’s hair was blue, as usual starting to theorize about that similarity, a sub unit upcoming?

Watch the video

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