BTS’ Jeon Jung-kook Now Holds Fastest Tweet To Reach 2 Million Likes on Twitter History

It seems that the only people who can break BTS’ records, is BTS themselves. When it comes to Twitter trends, BTS hold their own in the trend-sphere. In November 2017, Guinness World Records revealed that BTS had earned a spot in their 2018 edition for “having the world’s most Twitter engagements for a music group”.

Each member has moments when they trend, Jin trended because of glasses, RM trended because of his words, J-Hope trended because of his dance, V trended for his ‘I Purple You’ phrase, Suga trended after his surgery news broke out, and Jimin trended for an anniversary. BTS Jungkook posted a Selca (selfie) on Twitter and he immediately trended number one in most countries with over 1 million tweets and related search terms.

Barely 8 hours later, his post on their Twitter feed had already surpassed 2 million likes. This makes him the individual to have the Fastest Tweet to reach 2 million likes record of an artist, having achieved 2 million likes on 8 hours and 45 minutes. His fellow BTS band member V held that record when his “Hi Army” tweet reached 2 million likes in 9 hours and 52 minutes.

2 million likes in 8 hours

This means that BTS Jungkook has several twitter records under his belt; Fastest individual tweet by an artist to hit 2M likes, Fastest BTS tweet to hit 600K replies, BTS 2021 most commented post, BTS 2021 most Retweeted post, BTS 2021 most Quote-RT post, 1 Worldwide (5H) & remains in real time top 20 worldwide (9H so far) + 95 countries trends.

Only 12 hours in, and the tweet has 2.2 million likes, 997.2K retweets and 619K comments.

Jungkook also shared his Selca on Weverse and fans are excited about having a Jungkook overload after being absent for such a long time.

BTS Jungkook Selca on Weverse

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