BTS V’s “Sweet Night” Wins “BEST OST” at The 2020 APAN Star Awards

BTS V’s magnificent song “Sweet Night” won “Best OST” at this year’s APAN Star Awards. The song was written and composed by V. “Sweet Night” has broken many records, without any promotions. “Sweet Night” is an OST for the series “Itaewon Class” The song had previously won during the APAN Music Awards Popularity Awards vote last year. It was like a double win for V since the series “Itaewon Classs” won Drama of the Year. The 2020 APAN Star Awards were held on January 23 to honor some of the best and brightest in Korean TV.

V stated about working on “Sweet Night” which was his first solo project “I wrote the song while I was abroad. I made requests on how I want the song to be. They had a hard time because I wasn’t able to convey what was in my mind. but I worked hard to express it and the song is now complete. This song is… it’s my type. I love this song. I wish this song could heal ARMY when they listen to it.”

Itaewon Class Series

Congratulations our best boy Kim Taehyung!

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