BTS J-Hope’s Fans Honor His Upcoming Birthday By Building A Hospital In China Under His Name

BTS J-Hope’s birthday will be coming up on 18th February later this year and ARMY is already planning amazing projects for his big day. J-Hope has definitely lived up to his name, that connotes hope in the world. He is usually a ball of sunshine and seeks to bring a little bit of laughter, fun and bright moments to everyone.

As much as he is happy sunshine Hobi, J-Hope is first of all a dancer. Dance is fully engrained in his DNA, blood stream, skin, heart, soul, body and spirit. He is the very essence of dance because you cannot miss him dancing in any situation, he cannot just sit still, no matter the beat or tempo of the song, J-Hope will just groove to it. His body just starts moving on its own accord, and just leaves you mesmerized and awed at how he moves.

When he is not dancing, he is rapping. His rap usually has a fun sound that is very infectious. You cannot miss J-hope’s verses in any of the BTS songs because his voice is unique and memorable. My favourite verses from him are from the songs, “Make it Right,” “Love Maze,” “Spring Day,” “Jamais Vu,” “Blood, Sweat & Tears,” “Black Swan,” “Dis-ease,” heck, every song J-Hope raps or sings to just hits different, but my top 2 that always battle against each other are “UGH” and “Piped Piper” for different reasons but for the the same reasons.

As dance teacher-J-Hope you can see that the rapper is always attentive to every detail to the tee. He is always absorbed in the task to make sure that every dance move is perfected and done to his satisfaction. As much as he is a strict dance leader, he is always complementing the members and encouraging them until they are on par with each other. RM even once said that if he was not the leader, he would trust J-Hope to lead the band, and that he admires how J-Hope is always professional and gets things done.

To thank J-Hope for his amazing heart and beautiful soul, his massive fanbases have come together to make society a better place by building a hospital that will help the less privileged with medical services. 2 of J-Hope’s big fanbases donated money to build the hospital and also buy equipment for the hospital in China.

The Hospital is named “Hope Hospital”

Speaking about his mixtape “Hope World” at an interview with Time, J-Hope explained what being a “Piece of Peace” from his song meant…

“I thought it would be hugely meaningful for me if I can become like my namesakehope for someone in the worldnot even some grandiose peace but just a small share of it. I first started out by thinking ‘it’d be fantastic to become a part of someone’s personal peace through my music’ and while working on the beats thought about the kind of message I can send out to my own generation living with their worries and burdens. I wanted to talk about peace even though I knew that it was a weighty topic and I tagged on “pt. 1” to the title because I want to keep talking about it”_ J-Hope

Last year 2019, a psychiatric clinic was opened on J-Hope’s birthday, showing how much of a positive influence the BTS member is to the world.

J-Hope has been bringing sunshine to the world and ARMY are giving back to show how much they appreciate him and how he has influenced them to give back to society. J-Hope has always been a philanthropic person, always donating to his hometown and projects that are close to his heart. It is this sort of caring nature that makes fans want to give more to others in need, to show love and compassion in order to make the world a better place.

Happy almost birthday to the most talented human being alive! You deserve the world, for giving us your world!


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