BTS’ Suga Joined His Band Members on Stage for The First Time Since His Shoulder Surgery

“Apart from Jungkook’s blonde hair causing waves at the 35th Golden Disk Awards, fans also got a lovely treat when Suga made a surprise appearance on the GDA 2021 Red Carpet. Suga has been away for over two months because he still recovering from a surgery for his shoulder that happened last year in November 2020. During the BTS’ MAMA Album Of The Year speech, Suga gave his speech through a phone after Jimin called him.

Though he has been updating ARMY on his progress through VLive, and even spoke about his feelings during recovery process in their Weverse Magazine, it was not the same without him. Fans were excited that the OT7 were complete now that Suga was physically with them.

On the Red Carpet the MC requested Suga to say hello: “I’ll give you a special chance to say hello.”

Suga: “It’s been two months since we’ve been together, people might think that I’ve been resting for a long time, but I’ve been so busy. It’s been two months, so I’m kind of itching to see you, too. So I’m back after a long time.”

When BTS were receiving the award for “BEST DIGITAL SONG” for Dynamite Suga again spoke and said “Good to see you guys I’m Suga. I came back. I promoted until Dynamite and then had the surgery. So I was not shown for two months and I feel like I’m getting forgotten as time goes by so I tried to come back so putting the effort not to be forgotten”

There was great expectations when the performances started….

Suga was reunited with BTS members as he appeared on stage during their “Black Swan” intro but did not perform “Dynamite” and “ON” where the members still left a space representing where Suga should have been, as they have been doing in every performance for award shows. Suga however performed “Life Goes On”

BTS Suga performing “Life Goes On” GDA 2021

Watch Suga Perform “Life Goes On” with BTS

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