BTS’ New Color Mics Represent a New Era

“BTS have started a new Era with the release of their “BE” Album, and as with every era, there are new changes, whether it be hairstyles or fashion, there is always something new. The most significant change would be the color of the members microphones. BTS have different colored microphones that represent their personalities. The colors have changed over the years while some still remain the same. Members who have changed their microphone are Jin, RM, J-Hope and Jungkook. Suga and V have maintained their color for their microphones. These new microphones are customized by Crystal Glowe a South Korean company and embedded with Swarovski crystals.

BTS’ old microphones before J-hope changed to a Red colored one

For the new mics; RM has 2 mics Silver & Black with rainbow crystals from his Blue one, Jin’s is White with 3 tiny pink butterflies from his Pink one, Suga’s remains Black, J-Hope’s remains Red, Jimin’s is Orange from his Gold one, V’s is Green with no crystals and Jungkook’s is purple with rainbow crystals from his Pure Purple one. The new mics were first seen on Jimmy Fallon’s BTSWEEK and continued to Map Of The Soul ON:E concert, on to all other performances for the rest of 2020.

The new mics are brighter, vibrant and dazzling, a great representation of the beautiful things yet to come. They represent growth, adventure and beautiful music.

Just like the microphones have evolved over the years, so have BTS members’ characters, thoughts, goals and personalities, so I think these new bolder shinier colored microphones fit perfectly with where they are now and where they hope to be. Who knows, maybe this is the last time they will be changing their mic colors or they will do so again in future, either way, we love the new bold looks.


BTS Suga’s Black Mic


BTS Jimin’s Orange Mic


BTS RM’s Black Mic


BTS Jungkook’s Purple Mic with rainbow crystals


BTS J-Hope’s Red Mic


BTS Jin’s White Mic


BTS V’s Green Mic without crystals

BTS’ V chose to retain his microphone without bedazzling it with jewels

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