BTS Jin’s Pink Mic ‘Era’ Ended, Here’s ARMY’s Thoughts On Why He Changed It

There is hardly anything that BTS will do without ARMY digging deeper about what it could mean, what were the boys thinking, could it be that?… There will be no rets until the fans have figured it out or at least come up with theories and conclusions. Last year during BTS’ performance for the #BTSWEEK featuring Jimmy Fallon, Jin launched a white microphone that fans immediately noticed. The first thought was that it was just a replacement for the performance since his usual mic might have not been available. But then all other subsequent performances, from their Map Of The Soul ON:E Concert, to other performances, the white mic was still making a comeback. Up until December during their many performances, the white mic was still seen being used by Jin, so fans concluded that the white mic was here to stay.

Jin’s White Mic made up of white Swarovski crystals and customized with a small butterfly at the bottom of the mic

So here are some of their thoughts about how Jin’s new white mic came to be

“Instead, we have the pure white “Moon” microphone that I think is perfect for Jin.”

“A simple reason could be that Jin’s normal mic malfunctioned.”

“Granted, I don’t believe that. BigHit’s staff probably have more than one version of Jin’s pink microphone in case one breaks or has a technical issue, so I think this was a conscious choice and that we may have seen the last of Jin’s sparkly-pink mic.”

“White symbolizes purity and has an ethereal quality to it, and if that isn’t Jin then I don’t know what is. It also takes him another step away from the “Pink Princess” nickname that Jin wasn’t particularly fond of, even if he does like the colour pink.”

“I think the white is here to stay, and I hope to see him perform Moon with it.”

“Though a deeper interpretation, the new mic could mean a whole new era of the beloved Worldwide Handsome, and I for one am eager to see what Jin is going to continue to do and share with us. I did find Twitter hilarious with their RIP memes to bid farewell to Jin’s pink microphone—”

“his personal preference changed. Joon mentioned a while back in a VLive that Jin doesn’t like pink anymore. So maybe this is just delayed reaction to that?”

“I saw him use a white mic in Mots one too. So it could also mean progression of his character. White stands for purity. I also noticed. Namjoon changed his mic color to grey of some sort. Not sure what it means but it could signify end of the BU era? Or maybe a way to separate BU from other works?”

“they often said that mots 7 is in their colors. I wonder if there is unique significance to pink and now that the mots era seems to have ended, he changed the mic”

“Jin isn’t the first member to switch up his mic color. Hobi (J-Hope) changed his mic color from silver to red around last year I believe, it might’ve been because he liked red more or it just fit his style more.”

“There’s a high possibility that his mic might’ve been dirty, lost, broken, or they forgot to pack it with the rest. Personally I think he looks better with the pink mic but he looks good with everything honestly. He might switch back to pink or he might keep it white, we just have to wait and see <3”

“Pink mic might be broken, lost, left somewhere, unreachable, unavailable, getting cleaned, getting fixed, or getting an upgrade so that the white mic is just a temporary placeholder.”

“Jungkook no longer has a solid purple. It’s multicolored. Jimin’s mic colour has changed several times. Hobi’s mic has been red, black, charcoal, silver, white. Joon’s mic has changed. The only two to stay consistent are Suga and Tae.”

“There is no story behind it. There’s no secret hiding in changing colours. Their crew brings a trunk full of mics because sometimes the favourite mic won’t work.”

“Jin isn’t the first member to switch up his mic color. Hobi (J-Hope) changed his mic color from silver to red around last year I believe, it might’ve been because he liked red more or it just fit his style more.”

BTS Jin’s pink microphone ERA

BTS Jin’s white microphone ERA

We do love the new white Mic, cheers to new beginnings

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