BTS Cover “X Ambassadors'” “Jungle” in a New Coca-Cola Ad

“BTS unveiled their cover of X Ambassadors’ “Jungle” in a new Coca-Cola commercial in Indonesia. The ad titled “Turn Uo Your Rythm” has BTS’ maknae line, Jin, V, Jimin,and Jung Kook sing over bottles of the fizzy drink being manufactured. The ad also shows the drinks being loaded into a truck to be delivered around the world in the brand’s trademark red trucks.

As soon as the X Ambassadors heard the news, they were extremely thrilled and took to Twitter to share their excitement. They retweeted the ad and wrote

“BTSCOVERED OUR SONG JUNGLE!!!!!! WOWOWOWOWOW the extent of our stardom knows no bounds…thank you legends,” XAmbassadors

This is not the first time that BTS have been in a Coca-Cola commercial, they had one back in 2019

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