That Time Jimin Made Namjoon Flustered & We’re Living For It

If there is one thing that BTS loves to give us is uwu moments with moments that are unforgettable. Namjoon and Jimin’s friendship is one that is admirable and fun and they always have great things to say about each other. During one of their reaction videos of their latest single, as they watched their music video, “Life Goes On” when Namjoon’s face came on screen, Jimin shouted ‘Daddy’ and all other members broke into laughter. Namjoon on the other end just got flustered and laughed about it. Then Jimin explained that he was like a dad to them since he is leader.

RM’s face after Jimin called him daddy

Namjoon and Jimin’s relationship is one where Jimin always gets touchy with Namjoon and plays around. They are close and will always be seen sharing inside jokes and laughing a lot. Just a carefree bunch of friends enjoying each others’ company.

A photo sequence of their friendship

ARMY took it and ran with it

WATCH the full video below

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