BTS V Releases “Snow Flower” (feat. Peakboy) on Christmas Eve to Give ARMY Warm Solace & Happiness

It’s Christmas eve and BTS V has just blessed us with a beautiful melody, just in time for Christmas. “Snow Flower”, which features Peakboy. “Snow Flower” audio by V surpassed 1M likes on YouTube 2 hours after its release, showing just how much fans have been waiting for his mix tape and will be happy to have music that will keep them tuned as they wait. V has always been someone who loves to give ARMY warmth through his beautiful words that mean the most to everyone who feels low or unhappy. From Stigma, Scenery, Singularity, Sweet Night to Blue & Grey, Vs lyrics always have deep meaning and truth to his intentions, to show ARMY love.

“I think there are many who are having elevated anxiety and depression as the year-end approaches. I hurriedly made this with apologetic heart to ARMYs because of the delay of (my) mixtape. Just for today, I would like you to feel a bit of warm solace and happiness. This year, I would like to express my deepest gratitude to numerous White Angels (white angels refer to medical professions who work tirelessly during this pandemic). hehe Thank you. And my Wooga friend Peakboy featured in this. Happy holiday! Thank you.” V

Listen to the beautiful song below

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