Winter 2021 DISPATCH Magazine BTS Suga’s Cover

BTS’ Suga covers Dispatch Magazine Winter 2021 cover, D-Icon’s BTS goes on edition vol. 10. Suga has that mysterious, moody, ‘i have a secret to tell‘ vibes whenever he faces the camera. His photo stills create a story that is up to the reader to unfold. Suga needs no effort to give the camera any look that he wants. Every photo is different, every mood is different, every emotion can be felt through Suga’s eyes which have an inquisitive nature and that slight mesmerizing almost addictive smirk that is truly satisfying to behold.

Suga seems to exist in his own world, where words are tools to create lyrics that not only shoot straight to your heart but tickle your mind as you work around them. Suga as a work of art would be a medieval stained glass architecture or roman manuscripts with secrets to dozens of treasures, he is a letter that is handwritten with a quill feather and stamped with a red candle seal.

Suga’s photos take you on an unparalleled journey of reminiscing about the meaning of life, thus the true meaning of art, music, poetry, and legendary stories. Suga is art. Suga is every photographer’s dream!

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