Winter 2021 DISPATCH Magazine BTS J-Hope’s Cover

BTS’ J-Hope covers Dispatch Magazine winter 2021 D-ICON’ BTS goes on vol. 10. J-Hope is strikingly BEAUTIFUL, his perfectly sharp symetrical jaw line could literally slice brass iron in half! I kid not! We are all used to fun sunshine ‘Hobi’ but when the camera turns on and the lights flickers, we get model Sir. Jung Ho-Seok.

His stills are perfect in every angle and when he decides to stare back at you through the lenses, your mind blurs at how handsome he is. His pout is what legends can write stories about, he literally broke ARMY with that pout pose he did for Dynamite teaser photos. His duality is quite the legend, from a soft smile filling your heart with sunshine, to an intensely intimidating heart wrenching stare that will leave your mouth agape with wonder and admiration.

J-Hope has a stare that will captivate your every sense until you get lost into the abyss that is J-Hope’s stern yet well sculpted exterior. He is a puzzling layer that you get to peel with every picture taken as you scroll through his very existence of a beautiful soul. J-Hope is every photographer’s muse.

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