BTS’ Suga Talks About How “Blueberry Eyes” With Max Came To Be

MAX and Suga originally met in January of this year 2020 when MAX was on tour in Seoul. A month later, Suga was in Los Angeles with BTS to promote their album Map of the Soul: 7, and the two got to know each other better. On May 22, Suga (Agust D) released his second mixtape D-2 and MAX was featured on the song “Burn It.” Later on MAX recently collaborated with Suga again on their latest song “Blueberry Eyes.” In an interview with Buzzfeed, MAX said that “Blueberry Eyes” was the song that Suga liked the most out of all the songs on his album Color Vision and was featured on that track. He goes on to explain that…

BTS Suga & MAX at a game

“I just sent him the whole album. I basically said, ‘Here’s all the songs, you tell me what you want to be on, and I’ll make it work. I’m grateful to have you on any song.’ And he liked ‘Blueberry Eyes.’ I’d already written the song, so I think that probably helped the message, because it was very clear that there was a sweet, loving, dream world to it,” MAX

BTS Suga & MAX

On Suga’s Korean lyrics MAX revealed that “We learned the entire Korean [verse], and those were our vows in our quarantine wedding. Of course, we threw a little cat in there to make it feel like Yoongi was part of it, because unfortunately he couldn’t be in the video — we wanted every bit of his spirit to be there, even though he wasn’t there,”

In an interview with Esquire “Explain this with BTS,” Suga finally talked about how the collaboration with MAX came about, he said ,

“Well, I first met MAX in Korea when he visited. He just had a great personality. And so I actually happened to be looking for someone to feature in my mix tape. “

“He collaborated with me there, so then I thought I should return the favor. So among the songs that we hoped to do together ‘Blueberry Eyes’ was one we ended up getting to do” Suga

 “You can tell that MAX has a special place in his heart for Suga” J-Hope

Watch the interview plus more BTS

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