KIM TAEHYUNG bias wrecking ALL bias wreckers, again, in BTS’ “Dynamite” at The 2020 Mnet Asian Music Awards (MAMA)

“Dynamite” really is BTS V’s playing field to bias wreck every staunch bias. When the “Dynamite” teaser music video was released back in August, V caused a major earth shattering uproar and excitement in his green suit. And let’s be honest V looks good in any color! His sleek hairstyle, green suit and basically his never ending charm had the whole world on its knees. And it feel like a Dejavu with their powerful performance of “Dynamite” at the MAMAs.

Kim Taehyung knows how to charm the heck out of ARMY, he has this beautiful smirk that you cannot help but fall in love with over and over gain. His perfect angelic features, his deep sometimes soft voice match perfectly to create a dangerous heart throb that ARMY, LITERALLY, the whole world cannot not be mesmerized by him. V is truly a national treasure with a soothing voice that captivates even the critics. His a million expressions per second while performning have always been a topic of study and awe, thats Kim Taehyung for you, worldwide GOOD BOY.

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