BTS Jimin & Jungkook’s “Black Swan” Performance Explained from A Ballet Point Of View

BTS “Black Swan” performance felt like a whole theatrical performance that had aspects of art, storyline and wow factor. The perdormance was on that glued you to the screen as you watches the full drama unfold. Each part of the performance was perfect! The moment that had the whole world put the performance on repeat was Jimin and Jungkook’s lift in their solo act. The movement was flawless, singular and mostly technical. Most people enjoyed it for its visuals and artistic value which was mind blowing.

To dancers who understand especially ballet, it was a moment with that beutifuly written story and a dance move that is not easy to perfect and carry out in the few minutes that Jimin and Jungkook did. This explanation of that performance made me and many who read the explanation be in awe of what Jimin and Jungkook did so effortlessly that it floored everyone. The explanation makes one appreciate and treasure that moment forever!

“let’s start with definitions. what is a pas de deux? it’s basically French for “step of two” because it is traditionally danced by a “male” and “female” wherein the female role can essentially float while their partner is a support, lifting them while moving around.”

“this pas de doux starts with Jimin doing a high kick, then going into arabesque, Jungkook turning him through promenade. an arabesque is when the weight of the body is supported on one leg while the other is extended back. to get to promenade, Jungkook turns Jimin on pointe.”

“they don’t do a full promenade though because Jungkook immediately lifts Jimin into a pas de deux presage lift. now, this is where I really just, was floored. Jungkook did NOT have any momentum to lift Jimin because he hooked his extended leg and immediately lifted up vertically”

“what more, a usual lift is done in what can be a “fish” like manner, where Jimin is picked up from an arabesque position and folds his bottom leg up, but Jungkook does a presage which keeps Jimin close to his body instead of at arms length”

“they’re INSANE because Jimin of course has to keep his balance, and notice how his other leg isn’t supported, so he leans back and extends his head, arms, and supported leg out in all directions to keep the balance with the arch of his back.”

“Jungkook on the other hand showed so much strength, he had no momentum, only crouching down to pick Jimin up and he span them THREE (3) TIMES in WATER might I add, lessening friction and thus support”

“Jungkook only holds Jimin by one leg and the waist, and his hold on Jimin’s waist doesn’t even go in the opposite direction of gravity, which means he needs to exert more strength to keep Jimin up while turning”

“and fun fact: they stayed close to the pas de deux that is originally done in swan lake but added more spins which might i just say is a feat of strength and balance”

“more comparisons 😀 this part is so central in swan lake because it’s the start of the conflict between the white swan and black swan fighting to reveal itself. it’s amazing how BTS really stick to the art and inspiration.”

“extra kudos to both of them too for going straight from a pas de deux presage into Jimin turning on top of Jungkook’s back. it’s a lot of fast paced movements along the usual 8 step bars and for them to pull it off is astounding.”

“one thing to note: Jikook’s trust. the whole lift and 3 turn sequence happened in the span of 5 seconds. that fast of a pace can jar people if the two don’t trust each other to just jump up while the other lifts and spins. they went for it because they have trust.”

“overall I’m so amazed and proud of them, Jimin for showing all the grace I know he has, and Jungkook for being able to keep up with the proper posture and handling without ballet training. they’re so hardworking and incredible artists I love them so much”


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