BTS “In The Soop” Paintings On Display On “Dynamite” Performance For FNS Music Festival

BTS are always topping their previous performances especially when it comes to their “Dynamite” performances. Every every stage has always been unique with a story to tell. Their incredible stages always have ARMY represented somewhere. BTS performed virtually at the FNS Music Festival and the location looked like a gallery. The detail that caught fans’ attention was the paintings hung around the gallery.

When BTS were “in The Soop: BTS version” a programme where the members were spending time in the forest at a breathtaking location, relaxing and enjoying doing what they love the most. Jungkook, Jin, RM, Suga and J-Hope dabbled in various paintings. RM and Jungkook painted the same landscape of the lake. Jin did a colorful and bright painting in shades of red and blues, J-Hope did an abstract type of art with a heart shape while Suga’s painting was a minimalist painting with flowing wavy details. V did not paint while In the Soop and Jimin opted to paint on a cancas shoe. During the “Dynamite” performance, V went and touched Suga’s painting to show how much they miss him.

See BTS in action painting their beautiful masterpieces

Jin’s colorful painting on display

Jungkook’s paintings – this is the one that was displayed

RM’s painting that was displayed

J-Hope’s painting that was displayed

Suga’s painting that was displayed

Suga’s did a painting on one of his YouTube live

Jimin chose to paint on canvas shoes

ARMYs reactions to noticing the paintings during the music festival performance

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  1. So I’d just like to say that the painting Yoongi made on YouTube live is different from the painting in the mv. He actually did paint the painting that is displayed in the mv during the In the Soop: BTS version shooting.


    1. kenyabtsarmy says:

      Hi, thanks for noting that, let me find it and add on this list. Thanks too for dropping by my blog!


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