DAY 3 Of #JINFESTA2020 Continues With ARMY Celebrating BTS Jin’s “Epiphany”

Day 3 of #JINFESTA2020 continues with ARMY celebrating Jin’s song “Epiphany” Here are some of the heartwarming messages from fans about how the song touched their lives.

“Epiphany is a song that helps me deal with insecure and fear. I always cry when I listen to this. Epiphany makes me remember how beautiful I am when I love myself. Thankyou Seokjin for this extraordinary masterpiece,” #JINFESTA_D3

“I cannot express in words how much epiphany means to me, how much it has helped and I am sure it has, to many others as well. Seokjin, didn’t want to show us a dark side but still went on and inspired millions with a heart touching song!” #JINFESTA_D3

“Epiphany, the song which emphasized the necessity of self-love, which taught us that the complete acceptance of who we are is the only way to be happy in life, taught us the importance of self-realization and respect, thank you for this masterpiece, Jin” #JINFESTA_D3

“When listening to Jin sing live (like Epiphany), it feels like silver lights are radiating, which makes the audience absorbed in his songs.” -Music critic Kim Youngdae #JINFESTA_D3

“words can’t describe how much this song has healed my heart and so many others White heart epiphany is truly a masterpiece that show not only Seokjin’s immense talent but also his beautiful soul” #JINFESTA_D3

“this represents the power of epiphany & Seokjin’s outstanding performances. epiphany taught so many of us the importance of self-love & acceptance, that in order to grow and heal you must love yourself. this song is the epitome of love yourself era.” #JINFESTA_D3

“The lyrics that moved me. Simple yet they hold such a powerful and impactful meaning. This song is very, very dear to my heart. Jin’s vocals and emotions literally made millions of people believe in self-love. That’s power he holds.” #JINFESTA_D3 #JIN

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