When Kim Seokjin Trended for This Simple Reason After BTS’ Win at The American Music Awards

BTS members are always trending for one reason or another. This year specifically has been their year with the most Twitter trends of all time! Trends are always created around them for simple reasons like a hairstyle or mega reasons for a birthday, anniversary or equally great, their performances. As much as most of the trending topics come from ARMY, there are those that come from those people who are just finding out about BTS, or the general public better known as GP.

Jin has been one of the BTS members who has always trended especially after appearing at shows or events. He first trended a few years back as “Car Door Guy” at a Korean Award show, in 2017 he trended as “Third Guy From The Left” after appearing at the 2017 Billboard Awards on the red carpet. He coined the term “World Wide Handsome” which is widely known as, because of his outstanding irrefutable good looks.

During BTS acceptance speech after winning “Favourite Duo/Group Pop/Rock” Jin became a trending topic under “That Guy With The Glasses” non ARMYs kept asking who that guy is. Who would not be captivated by Jin’s good looks that have the whole world on its knees at how beautifully created he is!

Here’s how Jin wearing glasses is causing whiplash across the board

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