BTS “Biker Jungkook” is Breaking ARMYs Hearts In New Ad Campaign, But They Are Loving It


BTS Jungkook is out here finishing all the air that ARMY is breathing with his breath taking visuals! The latest “Fila On The Street” Fila Ad campaign featuring BTS, Jungkook has got fans off their rockers. The ad is fulfilling every fantasy that fans have ever imagined Jungkook portraying. There have been fan edits of Jungkook with a motor bike for so long that fans could not believe that those edits were brought to life. Jungkook is the ultimate duality King, he can give us Kookie, Googie, Jungkook, Koo and then there’s sir Jeon Jungkook, switching from one to the other in an instant.

He even sang in their song “IDOL” that “I love myself, I love my fans, Love my dance and my what, There are hundreds of me’s inside of me, I’m facing a new me again today, It’s all me anyway” in the BTS season’s greetings, he had a college student vibe and now in the fila ad, he has that “I’m too dangerous for your heart” vibe, we love a King who can multi task! He is taking ARMY’s breath and hearts away, and they are not complaining, only as king for more “Biker Jungkook”

We cannot get over how good Jungkook looks!

Watch the full Jungkook version ad below

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