BTS’ ARMY Celebrates 4 Years With Kim Taehyung’s Phrase ‘I Purple You’ & ‘Borahae’, With Special Reasons

“Four years ago on November 13, 2016, Kim Taehyung aka V coined the term “I Purple You” translating to “Borahae” in Korean. He said “Do you know what purple means? Purple is the last color of the rainbow colors. Purple means I will trust and love you for a long time… I just made it up. I wish I can see you for a long time. Just like the meaning of purple… we’ll always trust you and go up the stairs with you. You don’t need to help us all the time. You can now hold our hands and follow us now. We’ll go up really high. I’ll make it nice. Thank you so much for allowing us to have a fan meeting, in this kind of big place, A.R.M.Y I love you!”

Since then, “I Purple You” has spread the special and positive message across countries, cultures, regions, races and gained worldwide impact and has been bringing comfort to many people who have been told that phrase whenever they feel things are not working out or are feeling sad. “I Purple You” or “Borahae” has become the symbol of the love between BTS and ARMY as it is identified anywhere in the world as the second name of all those in the BTS family.

Purple became so influential that brands like ‘Starbucks Korea,’ “Samsung” and “Baskin Robbins” have incorporated the purple hue into their collaborative projects with BTS. Several landmarks such as the “London Bridge,” “Empire State Building,” “Wembley Stadium,” and “State de France,” and many more have lit up in shades of purple in honor of BTS whether before, during or after a concert, which just shows how “Purple” is such a huge influence. “I Purple You” and “Borahae” has inspired a world class Dessert and it has even been recognized when BTS was speaking at Korea’s National Day. purple has now become the symbol that is the loyalty and royalty that exists between BTS and ARMY.

Today ARMY is trending #WeThankYouTaehyung , #4yearswithBorahae, #WePurpleYouTae among others to thank V for giving the world words that may seem simple but mean so much to many people around the world.

Thank you Kim Tae-hyung for influencing the world to love more! We purple you! Borahae!!


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