BTS’ “BANGTANTV’ Surpasses 40 Million Subscribers!

BANGTANTV becomes the second most subscribed male Korean Artist’s YouTube channel with 40 million subscribers after their own Big Hit Entertainment Channel which has 46.6 million subscribers. BANGTANTV is where BTS connected with fans on a more personal level through regular updates and chats. Now that they have grown into mega starts, fans can be able to see how much they have grown and changed over the years. They are able to see the human side of BTS which is more than the Idol side of the Bangtan boys. It is always surprising and awe inspiring to see how much BTS have changed yet remained the same, in terms of their personalities which has been consistent. The channel has 1,331 uploads with 5.72 billion views!

The first BTS logs 7 years ago

The first upload on BANGTANTV

The first log was RM showing off the Bangtan Room

How it started….

130107 BTS Log – RAP MONSTER

130112 진 BTS Log – JIN

130125 지민 BTS Log – JIMIN

130208 정국 BTS Log – Jungkook

130214 BTS Log – J HOPE

130304 BTS Log – SUGA

130710 BTS Log – V

NOW How it’s going…

2008** BTS (+ENG)

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