“Namjooning” Has Become ARMYs Healing Place, Here’s What BTS’ RM Feels About It

BTS have always had such positive influences to people around the world as they continue to always preach self love, happiness and positivity. As such ARMY have found ways to be inspired by the big or little things that BTS does. RM loves nature, art and travel, as he has shared that by posting photographs of him in art galleries, museums, travelling and even being surrounded by beautiful greenery. With this, the term “Namjooning” was coined to mean ‘to appreciate nature and art, to enjoy your own company and to spend time doing the things you enjoy’ RM spoke on Rolling Stone about how he feels whenever fans use that term. Read Full Article

The termNamjooning has become synonymous in the fandom with taking time to yourself or going on nature walks. How do you feel about ARMY adopting these little wholesome terms from you and incorporating it into their own lives” Riddhi Chakraborty

“I’m very thankful but also feel a sense of responsibility”


“I begun music because I wanted to share my story and become a positive influence to many people, So I would be honored if I can continue to show my hard work and the results of my effort


We thank RM for giving us reason to go back to nature and appreciate the little things in life that bring happiness

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