Cute Things You Should Know BTS Jungkook Does That Make ARMY Swoon

BTS Jungkook is not only the golden maknae but a beautiful human being who cares for everyone around him. He loves ARMY and always makes a point to mention how much they mean to him. And the love is always given back to him. If you have been ARMY for a long time, then you will have noticed these cute little habits that make him so adorable. Jungkook has grown in the media and we have seen him turn into this mature young adult that is always teaching us something about life, he has matured in all aspects and we are always proud to see him become such a well-rounded human being. What other habits have you picked up from Jungkook that you can share?

1. He Has The Cutest Doe eyes

Jungkook has these eyes the RM called “Bambi eyes” when he first met Jungkook when they were rookies. Those are the kind of eyes that look at you and you give in to whatever demand they want. His doe eyes are just too precious, innocent and full of wonder and amazement

Just look at those big beautiful eyes!

2. Jungkook Loves To Call Jimin, Jimin-ssi

Jungkook calling Jimin, Jimin-ssii will never stop being funny because Jimin always bursts out laughing at his cuteness. He call Jimin with such passion that you cannot help but smile at him

Who can resist such a loving name from a cute golden maknae

3. He Always Seems To Be Zoning Out, Sometimes

Jungkook has those moments where he just zones out and seems to be in his own universe. Especially when he looks like he is not interested in the conversation or he is so into the topic that he listening keenly that he zones out. Sometimes you can feel like you want to wave a hand in front of his face to bring him back from his reverie

Earth to Jungkook, earth to Jungkook

4. His Cute Little Nose Scrunches

No one, absolutely no one can resist Jungkook’s nose scrunches. His nose scrunches seem to be subconscious like when he’s eating, or just being and acting cute.

How devastatingly cute is he when he does that?

5. Pushing His Tongue On The Inside Of His Cheek

Jungkook pushes his tongue inside his cheeks whenever he is thinking of something or as a subconscious habit the he has formed over time.

He looks so grown up when he does that

6. Jungkook’s Habit Of Pouting

Whenever Jungkook pouts you cannot help but have an aaaaaawwwww!!! Moment. His pout varies because he sometimes talks in pout especially when he is arguing a point or eating in pout, so adorable. He sometimes uses his pout to get his way, after all, he is the maknae, scratch that, the golden maknae who can get away with anything

Who would resist Jungkook at this point?

7. His Little Head Tilts Are Adorable

8. Clapping Whenever He Gets Excited

You will know that Jungkook is at his peak happiness or he loves something whenever he claps. Though sometimes he claps every time a point is made or he is agreeing with a point. Whenever he wins at a game, he will clap, when he is cheering someone or his team, he will clap, or even when he makes a point. His clapping is sometimes very fast or slow depending on his excitement

Look at those cute hands go

9. Showing Off His Cute Bunny Smile

10. Getting Really Close to the Camera

11. His infectious Laugh

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