Watch ALL BTS Interviews For Their Hit Single “Dynamite”

BTS “Dynamite” has been the song of the year in 2020. Since BTS released “Dynamite” they have held several interviews to talk about how the song came to be, what they hoped for the song and their hopes for the hit single.


BTS’ J-HOPE DANCES Just Like Dynamite

BTS talks Dynamite with Liam McEwan

BTS Watches Fan Covers on Youtube

BTS Vogue Japan Interview

BTS Plays “This or That”

BTS Official Interview With The Bert Show

BTS Reacts To Their First Hot No. 1 Hit ‘Dynamite’

BTS React To ‘Dynamite’ At No. 1 On The Billboard

BTS on Dynamite and How the ARMY ‘Inspired’ Them

BTS VMAs “Dynamite” Getting Ready

BTS Breaks Down Their Style Heroes with GQ

BTS Talk Their New Single Dynamite and Surprise


BTS talks Dynamite, life in quarantine & the future


BTS interview at NTV Rhythm

BTS Break Down Their Albums

BTS IheartRadio Festival 2020

BTS Share Their Top 7 Favorite Music Videos

BTS to release ‘Dynamite’ their first entirely in English

BTS 7 Second Interviews

Can BTS members raise one eyebrow?

BTS Music Camp Interview

BTS: Behind ‘Dynamite’, Album Teasers

BTS ‘Dynamite’ at Grammy Museum

BTS Tease ‘Dynamite’ Performance at The VMAs

BTS Reveals First Thing They’ll Do When Returning to concert

BTS Talks Life in Quarantine, VMAs Performance

BTS Excited For ‘Dynamite’ Performance at MTV VMA

BTS Discuss New Song and Music Video ‘Dynamite’

BTS Nervous For VMAs Performance Debut With ‘Dynamite’

BTS Official Interview with The Bert Show

BTS Share the Meaning Behind Record-Breaking Track

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