BTS’ Yoongi Can Never Say No To Taehyung, Here’s the Cute Reason Why

“BTS’ V and Yoongi’s Saga continues on RUN BTS! Last week (RUN BTS Episode 112) we talked about how Suga is always trying to ‘get away’ from V’ affection, which is just the cutest thing ever! In this week’s episode 113, the challenge was physically tasking and after a few tries Yoongi who was paired with V wanted to quit but V wanted to keep trying.

Despite several fails, V was not one to give up. In the end, Yoongi just had to give in to V his cute maknae, I mean you should have seen V’s sad pout when Yoongi was trying to convince him that they had already won! Yoongi pleaded to V’s emotions, though he was not talking, you could see that he really wanted to give it just one more shot.

The smile on V’s face when Yoongi agreed to try the challenge one more time was just priceless! The whole scenario had the other members burst in laughter. There goes V’s charm, hard to resist no matter how ‘gangsta’ you are! Yoongi always says that he lets the maknae win since they are too cute, who are we to disapprove that? Watch the full episode here.

This sequence of unfolding events is just too cute

ARMY are now soft for TaeGi

Yoongi the man who loves his younger brother and V who loves his Hyung


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