BTS Receives 2020 Asia Game Changer Award, Gives Impeccable Speech

Asia Society presented BTS with one of the awards as Asia Game Changers of 2020, honoring them for raising their voices and inspiring their fans, mainly for their work in the abolition of discrimination. BTS were awarded recognition for the positive influence they have had on their fans, the idols thanked them with a special message and also thanked the Asian Society for narrowing the gap between Asia and the United States through projects to promote culture and values. Asia Society’s 2020 Asia Game Changer Awards honorees were chosen for their responses to the year’s twin traumas of COVID-19 and racially motivated violence. In partnership with Citi, Asia Society annually honors game-changing leaders from a broad geographic range and varied backgrounds; this year’s honorees have saved lives, changed lives, and lifted spirits all across the globe.

Kim Nam-Joon (RM)

“7 billion worlds shinning with 7 billion lights” RM

Min Yoon-gi (Suga)

“We realized that we are unified and living in ‘One World'” Suga

Park Ji-min (Jimin)

“This applies the same for us, we get to understand and discover a world that we didn’t know” Jimin

Kim Tae-Hyung (V)

“We think that it is those who are with us that actually change the world, not us” V

Kim Seok-Jin (Jin)

“We will make sure to not forget who we are and do our best to comfort” Jin

Jung Ho-Seok (J-Hope)

“Emotions that we feel and things that we value are not so different from one another” J-Hope

Jeon Jung-Kook (Jungkook)

“Being told that ,many people depressed with COVID 19 said they were comforted” Jungkook

Watch their full speech

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