BTS’ RM Before and After Pics to Show His Workout & Diet Plan is Paying Off

“RM shared on WeVerse that he went for a health check and shared his measurements, of weight gained, muscles percentage, and his body fat. Since BTS “Dynamite” single promotions began, RM’s muscles have been the talk of almost every ARMY these past months. ARMYs have been talking about how buffed he has become that it even got RM’s attention who said that he had been told about it by a friend.

He shared that he has been doing a bit of work out. On his birthday VLive, he had shared that for several years he had not been able to work out because he had injured his shoulder a while back during one of their gym sessions.

So now he wants to take it slow and start working out even more. RM has always had a well built body and even muscle during his rookie days. Though he was lean and slender, he still had a good looking well built frame. His bulk up was overwhelmingly received that fans on social media couldn’t stop talking about it. Now that he is working out regularly, we cannot wait to see the final results of his routine.

The report he shared on their WeVerse App

BEFORE pics of RM, slim and slender

AFTER pics, Buffed with noticeable muscles and biceps

That well built power walk!

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