The Never Ending Saga of Suga “Refusing” V’s Affection Continues on RUN BTS

“BTS have been busy with promoting their “Dynamite” single for the past 2 or so  months and it was exciting news to find out that ARMY will be getting a new episode of RUN BTS!  BTS‘s variety show Run BTS is where fans can be able to see the members’ characters and the less than serious chaotic human beings that they are. The first episode after the hiatus started off even more chaotic than ever! We love to see. To start off, the members had to choose a partner to play the games with. To choose a partner the boys had to dance in a circle like musical chairs and one the MC stops, they are to run to the partner of choice.

The first round ended up with RM being paired with J-Hope. In the second round Jimin, Jungkook, Suga and V were left playing the game, immediately Jin stopped the music, everyone scuttled to get to their partners. V literally ran and jumped onto Suga hugging him as tight as he could. Meanwhile Suga kept pushing him away yelling for him to stop hugging him! It was a hilarious scene that caused the members to burst out in laughter. Well, seems like the saga between V and Suga back and forth “Don’t hug me” continues. Suga is always reverting V’s demand for his attention and it is always a funny sight to see. Suga always plays hard to get but eventually gives in to V’s unending undeniable charm.

Once the music stopped, V literally ran towards Suga even surprising Suga at how fast he got to him. He really did not see that coming!

V playfully but forcefully hugged Suga smiling at him like he was the best price he could have gotten in the world. And then, there is J-Hope happily dancing away!

And then we have Suga struggling to push V away whining not to be hugged. But V was not having it, he clung onto Suga without a care. BTS editors adding blushing emojis on Suga is just on another level! But I would be blushing if V looked at me like that, so…

That V’s hold must have been pretty tight as Suga kept struggling to push V away. The moment was like a hunter holding onto his prey so that he does not escape. That look on V, is “complete victory!”

Suga finally accepted his fate as they went to seat on their places

And that is the smile of someone satisfied with his mission completed. Hug Suga by any means possible, make him your team mate for life!

The saga that is Suga refusing V’s affection has played out in the past and it never stops being funny

At the end of the day, Suga will always give in to V’s advances, I mean who can ever not be charmed by our prince V aka Kim Taehyung!

When its all said and done, Suga and V love each other and are always there to support each other. The fact that they are both Daegu boys makes their bond even more stronger. Suga needs to know that you can never resist V’s charm and he always never gives up till he gets what he wants, so if he wants to hold your hand Suga, he will hold your hand!


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