BTS’ Kim Taehyung’s Favorite Photographer Comments on V’ Post, ARMY Wants a ‘Ante x V’ Art Collaboration

One on V’s passion apart from music and dance is photography. He has shared his love for this art with ARMY many times and has even revealed one of his favorite photographers that he admires. Whenever he posts his photos he always tags them as #Vante after Ante Badzim, an Award winning exhibiting artist from Sydney, Australia. The two of them formed a great relationship that sees the artist comment on V’s photographs appreciating them. Last week V posted his ‘V Cut’ photo series and Ante commented with a heart emoji. ARMY loved it so much that now they want the tow of them to collaborate in future for an art exhibition. And wouldn’t that be awesome, seeing 2 great artists working together to produce masterpieces!

The ‘V Cut’ photo series that broke Twitter with their perfect representation on V’s beauty, charms and elegance

Back in 2017, V posted some pictures that he took tagging Ante Badzim his favorite artist/photographer

2020 ARMY wants a collboration

Ante Badzim replied to V’s Tweet thanking him for the photographs

Last week V posted on Twitter on his ‘V Cut’ series that now has 2.5 million likes

Ante responded with LOVE and a heart emoji, ARMY is loving the interaction

2017 Ante knew that ARMY wanted a collaboration.

ARMYs excitement over Ante’s comment on V’ ‘V Cut’

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