BTS Jin’s ABS Make a Cameo On Jimmy Fallon Show Leaving ARMY Wheezing

Jin. Kim Seokjin. World Wide Handsome. He has everyone under his thumb as we speak right now. We did not think the day could get any better, but it did. ARMY has had a good day 3 of Jimmy Fallon X BTS WEEK. BTS played ‘Dance with my feelings’ with Jimmy Fallon and as much as everyone was concentrating on the fun games, there was a moment that was rewind worthy in the video. Every time either V or J-Hope lifted Jin’s hands in victory. There was a fast ‘accidental’ view of Jin’s tummy. And as you would expect ARMY would not let it go. And why would they when they had the best few seconds view of Jin’s Abs! As much as he kept trying to hide them away, we already got the teaser views. We will forever be grateful to the stylist who put Jin in that top, thank you BTS stylist!

The all famous Abs that we never get to see!😔

Scroll to the end to watch the whole game + Jin’s Abs, yes Jin’s Abs

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