Celebrating Jungkook’s First Solo Song with #4YearsWithBegin

“On 4th September 2020 Jungkook’s solo song ‘Begin’ celebrated 4 years since it was released. From September 4th to 13th Big Hit Entertainment released a series of short films for each member to promote the upcoming Wings album. The short films started with Jungkook’s “Begin”, followed by Jimin’s “Lie”, V’s “Stigma”, Suga’s “First Love”, RM’s “Reflection”, J-Hope’s “Mama”, and ended with Jin’s “Awake”. Jungkook was 19 when the song was released and when he performed it for the first time.

Speaking about the song, Jungkook said “After living with them (BTS) for so long, there are things I can say without words. To me it’s like an invisible connection. I changed my house and came to Seoul when I was still very young. In some moments I feel an immense connection with all of them”

Jungkook also mentioned that since he has always been around his 6 Hyung’s he could be a manifestation of all their characters coming together. He dedicated his first solo song to them knowing how much they have brought him up and taught him most of the things he knows. He loves his Hyungs very much

ARMY celebrated the 4th year anniversary by writting heart warming messages for Jungkook







Watch his amazing performance

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