BTS’ Tiny Desk ‘Home’ Concert Leaves a Great Impact on NPR, ARMYs Generosity is Matchless

“When BTS performed on NPR Music’s Tiny Desk (Home) Concert, in just 25 minutes, the video broke the record for the most-viewed Tiny Desk performance within 24 hours of premiering. It gained over 6 million views 24 hours later. Now the performance has 12 million views and counting. According NPR spokesperson Isabel Lara, the NPR Music YouTube channel got 100, 000 new subscribers, after the performance.

BTS’ ARMY who have had a lot of charitable donations and projects decided to take it upon themselves to donate to their local stations after Gabe Rosenberg, the digital news editor for Columbus, Ohio encouraged the fans to donate to public radio stations to say thank you for hosting BTS. ARMY began sending screen shots of their donations tagging Gabe on his Twitter message. The donations are said to go into assisting during this Covid 19 pandemic.

This is not something new to ARMY who have always engaged in charitable works all over the world. ARMY raised more than $1 million for Black Lives Matter after BTS donated $1 million to the cause. Causes are not the only way that ARMY has shown its charitable works, during each of the BTS’ members’ birthdays, there are always projects started under the name of the member celebrating his birthday.

Jungkook’s birthday project

RM & Jungkook’s birthday project

RM’s birthday project

J-Hope’s birthday project

Jimin’s birthday project

Suga’s birthday project

V’s birthday project

Jin’s birthday project

ARMY also celebrate BTS music anniversaries’ by giving back to society. For instance to celebrate Kim Taehyung’s solo song ‘Winter Bear’ ARMY had several projects set up

ARMY celebrated Jin’s AWAKE song

This is how much of an influence BTS has had on the world. Their message of peace, love and self-acceptance has made people look towards giving to those who need help, whether it be through emotional support or financial support, ARMY has always lent a hand to help those in need everywhere.

Watch the record breaking performance

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