ARMYs Show Vocal Appreciation for BTS’ Tiny Desk Home Concert Performance

“It is safe to say that this is BTS’ best live performance EVER! Well, until they top it with another, which is to be expected without a doubt. Using a live band for this ‘Dynamite’, ‘Save Me’ and ‘Spring Day’ performance was the best decision ever. It gave ARMY the chance to appreciate and enjoy all the wonderful vocals that all BTS members posses.

From the vocal line, to the rap line, to the harmonies, the vocals in this performance were pure, sweet, seamless, did I mention pure, yes pure. Jin, Jungkook, Jimin and V had vocals that were so perfect and diverse that you wanted to melt away in the smoothness. RM, J-Hope and Suga’ raps were so flawless that they sang to your heart and soul.

The harmonies between the members fit so perfectly that it was like new music being created. Then came the adlibs between the rappers and vocals or between vocals also perfectly timed that it was like a blend of a brand new song.

The best part, well every part was the best, but we loved watching the guys vibing it out, enjoying the music, dancing carefree especially to the song ‘Dynamite.’ They truly created the song to bring hope, happiness and fun, and we felt their heart warming energy in that performance. We were all whipped for their vocals that soothed our hearts and made us fall in love, with them, the music and everyone around us. I cannot wait for the next performances that they have in store for us. Like Jungkook said when asked what they thought about the Grammy Museum “Lit” he said, so it’s gonna be Lit! I know, I can feel it.

Here’s more vocal appreciation!

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