BTS Speaks at Korea’s National Youth Day gives a Purple Gift Box to be Opened in 2039, ARMYs Reactions are Priceless

“BTS at Korea’s first National Youth Day spoke about their journey since debut, their fears, their hopes and dreams for the future. Their message of hope and loving yourself still continues to encourage everyone who listens to them. It was one of the proudest moment, that even the President looked proud after BTS were done giving their speeches.

BTS then proceeded to hand over a purple gift box time capsule to be preserved at a Museum and then to be opened in 2039! That just gives the feeling that BTS will be with us for a very long time and that makes ARMY ecstatic.

“In celebration of the first Youth Day in Korea, we put together a special gift to the youth of the future. In the box, we placed our musical achievements, memories, love, and gratitude toward our fans, and a special message for the young adults who are recipients of this box

RM spoke

The BTS capsule will be opened in 2039, which is 19 years later. This is significant because in the Korean Law, 19 marks the age that young adulthood begins. It is so heartwarming and wonderful to know that BTS’ message of positivity, love, kindness, self love and acceptance will live on forever, forever young!

South Korean President, Twitter

See you in 2039 BTS!!

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