BTS Jimin’s Hottest Belt Collection Shows His Attention to Detail When it Comes to Fashion

“Belts maketh a man, so they said. And when it comes to fashion, we can safely safe to say that Park Jimin is the fashion statement itself. His captivating vocals, choreography style, stage presence and star appeal aren’t the only things to watch out for every time Jimin steps out or is performing.

It is safe to say that Jimin dazzles when he dresses up, his attention to detail is so immaculate that you can point out little peices here and there tha match the lool he wants to pull off. He is not one to stick to a particular trend or formula, he expresses his style according to the mood he wants to set. Jimin’s vast collection of fashionable outfits always seem to match his accessories, especially belts, which he has quite a sizeable number.

Jimin’s fashionable belts match perfectly with whichever outfit he has chosen for the day. Whether it is suits, casual wear or fitted outfits, Jimin matches his belt and outfits so perfectly you’d think the pieces were designed together. He is after all the fashion King who loves to look good, on and off the stage. Do you match your belts with your outfits or do you need some Jimin belt fashion inspiration? Which is your favourite belt look from Jimin?

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