ARMY’s Celebrating BTS Jin’s #4YearsWithAwake

“AWAKE’ was Jin’s first solo song which he co-produced and co-wrote. The song was released on 12th September 2016. Awake is a melancholic song which showcased to the world Jin’s beautiful and impeccable vocals and the ability to hold his own on the stage while performing. Awake was one of BTS short films for their album Wings.

Jin said he wrote the song about 5-6 times before taking it over, but he especially liked the current version that was accepter and he got to perform it.

“I got stressed this time especially, since it’s my solo song, I wanted parts that I wrote to be included and I wanted to sing a song that I wrote, which is why I was more stressed. Of course my personality is the type to forget about it” said Jin at an interview

The day the song was released back in 2016 and shared on BTS twitter account

Jin has proven himself over and over being that he had no background in music whatsoever! He said himself that as you watch his journey, you can be able to see how much he has improved. This song did exactly that, it proved that Jin’s vocal ranges is a force to be reckoned with in the music industry. Its been 4 years but it feels like its just 2 minutes since he released the song ‘Awake’

Records that ‘AWAKE’ broke worldwide

ARMYs celebrated with Jin by having various projects under his name and congratulating him for having such a magnificent master piece. Let’s give lots of love to this amazing, vocalist, song writer, dancer, and the hyung of BTS

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