List of BTS fastest songs to reach 1 Million likes on YouTube, no 7 will surprise you

“With every new BTS video that is dropped, it always achieves a higher level than the previous one. And if there is anything that BTS is now known for, its for breaking records, whether it be music records or their own records, its undeniable that they are best at it. Reaching 1 million likes on YouTube is always a great achievement especially for artists and their fans. Here’s BTS fastest MVs to reach 1 million likes..

15. Singularity 1 hour 28 minutes Released 6th May 2018

14. Persona 1 hour 17 minutes Released 27th May 2019

13. Chicken Noodle Soup 1 hour 6 minutes Released 27th September 2019

12. EGO 1 hour 5 minutes Released 2nd February 2020

11. ON Official MV 55 minutes Released 27th February 2020

10. ON ‘Kinetic Manifesto Film: Prima Coma’ 48 minutes Released 21st February 2020

9. Daechwita 47 minutes Released 22nd May 2020

8. Stay Gold 42 minutes Released 26th June 2020

7. Dynamite B Side MV 42 minutes Released 24th August 2020

6. IDOL 41 minutes Released 24th August 2018

5. FAKE LOVE 39 minutes Released 18th May 2018

4. Boy With Luv ft Halsey 35 Minutes Released 12th April 2019

3. Shadow 30 minutes Released 9th January 2020

2. Black Swan 28 minutes Released 4th March 2020

  1. Dynamite -1 minute Released 21st August

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